NBA 2K17's Improvements Compared to Its Predecessor

While a full gameplay trailer has yet to be officially released by developer 2K Games, it has already been confirmed that the next installment of the game shall have Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George for its cover.


George had a sterling season last year after coming back from an injury. He even took the Pacers to an Eastern Conference playoff berth only to lose to the Toronto Raptors in the first round.


On August 15, the first screenshot of the game was released with a focus on its cover superstar Paul George.


Fans and gamers were quick to notice the difference in skin tone between the “NBA 2K16” and the “NBA 2K17” and the latter is far more life-like. The texture of Paul George’s hair and tattoo are more evident in “NBA 2K17” than in the predecessor game, details Forbes.


The Indiana Pacers superstar also looks to be a little bulkier in “NBA 2K17” than he was in “NBA 2K16.”


The screenshot of Paul George for “NBA 2K17” is part of the promotions being orchestrated by 2K Games starting this week. The developer will be releasing new screenshots of the game every day this week via its official Instagram account. Along with the screenshots are more details and possibly new gameplay features of “NBA 2K17.”


Players’ upgrade in ratings


Apart from the excitement and anticipation being generated by “NBA 2K17,” players are also excited to know if their favorite NBA stars will get an upgrade in their ratings in the upcoming video game.


Ratings of NBA stars in the video game normally increases or decreases depending on their level of play in the real-life NBA. In the case of “NBA 2K17,” the basis would be the tail-end of the 2015-16 regular season and most importantly, the playoffs.


It has been reported that Stephen Curry and LeBron James will be up for a higher rating in “NBA 2K17” which is understandably so considering that their respective teams figured in the NBA Finals, notes Game & Guide.


Legendary Michael Jordan and just retired Kobe Bryant already had a rating of 99 in the video game. Paul George of the Indiana Pacers will be getting 90 ratings as per latest reports.


Coming with NBA Cards too


Apart from promoting the upcoming video game and also an additional revenue source for the game development company, the “NBA 2K17” shall come with the updated ‘My Team NBA Cards.” The pre-order Gold Edition includes Kobe Bryant, Paul George, and Michael Jordan.


There are also reports saying that Coach K shall make his debut in “NBA 2K17” including other topnotch players like Kyrie Irving and Patrick Ewing.


Gamers shall also be getting a special code so that they can unlock the Dream Team that is also featured in “NBA 2K17.” The Dream Team shall be composed pf the league’s top players during the 90s.


The Kobe Bryant Gold Edition of the “NBA 2K17” shall have more goodies in store for the gamers including a poster of the Black Mamba himself.


“NBA 2K17” will be available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC beginning next month. Gamers playing through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network will be able to show off their expansion team creations. For an additional $100, players can also purchase the Legend Edition of the “NBA 2K17” for the PlayStation 4.


Meanwhile, in addition to the recent roster updates on “NBA 2K16,” the latest locker codes have also kept the game very exciting and still addicting to many gamers.


The latest locker codes have brought in additional Virtual Currency or VC and other special items for players. The new codes give gamers 500 and 1,000 Virtual Currency points.


The free items, meanwhile, include a TV melo gear and an aircraft carrier. There is also a locker code that shall enable a gamer to play ABA ball when playing “NBA 2K16.”


So despite the impending arrival of “NBA 2K17,” the gamers get preoccupied with “NBA 2K16” and keeps them addicted and certainly satisfied with the current version of the game.


However, there are also reports saying that the reason why 2K Games still keeps on releasing updates to “NBA 2K16” despite the impending arrival of “NBA 2K17” is because the current game is always getting bugged.


But 2K Games assured players that those bug reports are just minor problems. The game developer also gave an assurance that a development team is now working on “NBA 2K17” and that the game is progressing according to plan and schedule.


According to latest speculation, the upcoming “NBA 2K17” shall have a better face scan signature animation and locker codes.


It added that smart users will be able to use the face scan application, which was already featured in “NBA 2K16.”


There are also reports saying that the No. 1 draft pick, forward Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers has already played “NBA 2K17.”


Out with the old and in with the new as the latest installment of the basketball simulation video game “NBA 2K17” shall be hitting the gaming consoles next month and pre-order has already been made available to fans.

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